Plateau WiFi App

Put yourself in control of your home WiFi network. Introducing the Plateau WiFi App. The ability to enhance your home network security and protect your household from harmful online content, now in the palm of your hands.

Download the Plateau WiFi App available on the Apple App Store Download Plateau WiFi App from the Google Play store

  • Change or reset your WiFi network name or password directly from the app.
  • See all devices currently using your WiFi.
  • Categorize your devices (i.e. personal devices, work devices, gaming devices, etc.)
  • Pause the internet for any device, at any time.
  • Receive updates about any planned network maintenance, or upcoming community events.
  • Run a speed test.
  • Create a temporary or shareable guest network without sharing your main network name and password. Text the guest network login information directly from the app.

(Parental Control) $5/mo

A complete set of applications and features, through the Plateau WiFi app, that give parents greater visibility, control, and protection when their children are online.

Available only with the Calix U6 modem.

  • Use filters to remove access to categories of content
  • Block or allow access to websites and applications
  • Time limits allow parents to define periods of time that the children are offline
  • Usage enables parents to monitor the amount of time their children spend on devices
  • Set Safe Search and YouTube Restriction to block harmful or inappropriate content when searching on Google, Bing, or YouTube. YouTube restriction also blocks comments on videos which often include inappropriate language.

ProtectIQ $5/mo

A network-level security service, through the Plateau WiFi app, that protects ALL devices connected to your WiFi.

Available only with the Calix U6 modem.

  • Proactively monitor your home’s incoming traffic and automatically block anything suspicious
  • Actively terminates data transfers before a malicious payload is delivered to any vulnerable network device
  • Blocks attempted visits to known harmful websites presenting user with a browser message indicating that the website is not available
  • Provide an active security monitoring service that uses a large and constantly growing database of threats (database is updated weekly)
  • Uses intrusion prevention settings (IPS) to monitor, notify, and prevent activity such as hackers trying to gain access to the local video content (WiFi connected doorbell or baby monitor), virtual meetings, and other streams
  • Notifies users whenever a security issue is triggered with details about the device that was attacked, where the attack came from, and when the attack occurred


Don't be frustrated with technology in your home. Plateau will set up and manage your WiFi network, connect your devices, help you automate your home and much more.

Home Tech Pricing & Plans

Plateau WiFi App Disclaimers

* Access to the Plateau WiFi App and its features require a subscription to a True Fiber Plan with Smart Home WiFi.

Plateau WiFi IQ Bundle

Take your Home Network Performance and Control to the next level with access to both ProtectIQ and ExperienceIQ on the Plateau WiFi app.

As a network-level security service, ProtectIQ monitors and secures ALL devices connected to your WiFi, while ExperienceIQ gives parents greater visibility, control and protection when their children are online.


TRUE IQ Bundle

Grants access to ProtectIQ and ExperienceIQ on the Plateau WiFi App. Must select True Fiber plan for activation.

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