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Celebrating 28 years of investing in education.

Our Legacy

Since 1993, the Education Foundation scholarship program has helped dreams come true for more than 600 outstanding students and continues each year. The program’s initiative is to provide higher education financial support to well qualified high school seniors across the Plateau service area. Through competitive application, each student is selected by a committee comprised of members of the Board of Directors. Funds are derived from unclaimed or donated capital credits.


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Total Amount of Funds Awarded

Our Scholarships

Committed to Excellence Scholarships

The Committed to Excellence Endowment Scholarship and the Tonie Martinez Memorial Scholarship are one-time disbursements based on financial need. These scholarships are open to active Cooperative members or their legal dependents.

Committed to Excellence Scholarship Details

FRS Scholarships

The Foundation for Rural Service (FRS), in cooperation with the NTCA—The Rural Broadband Association, seeks to sustain and enhance the quality of life in America by advancing an understanding of rural issues. Through its various programs and initiatives, the FRS strongly supports the continuing education of rural youth.

FRS Scholarship Details

Memorial and Banner Scholarships

Since 1993, the Education Foundation has awarded over $1.9 million in scholarship funding to area high school students. Every qualified student is encouraged to apply to the Foundation’s scholarship or grant program.

Funds for the Education Foundation are derived from donated and abandoned capital credit payments from the Cooperative’s membership. Among the Foundation’s goals is to improve educational opportunities for the youth of the service area.

Memorial and Banner Scholarship Details

Tom M. Phelps Scholarship

The Tom M. Phelps Scholarship is a one-time disbursement awarded to college juniors or seniors who are dependents of active Cooperative members and who are not currently receiving funding from the Education Foundation.

Tom M. Phelps Scholarship Details

Vocational and Career Scholarship

The Education Foundation recognizes the importance of trade and technical careers. The Occupational, Trade and Technical Careers scholarship is for graduating high school seniors while the Vocational Careers scholarship is for students returning to school for a vocational program or college within three years of graduating from high school or acquiring a GED certificate. These scholarships are open to active Cooperative members or their legal dependents.

Vocational and Career Scholarship Details

Our Grants

Innovation in Schools Grant

Plateau offers opportunities for schools and school staff within its Cooperative service area to obtain financial support to improve teaching and learning activities. School districts, schools, departments within schools, teacher groups or individual teachers can request a grant for a maximum of $5,000 to foster innovation in teaching with a special emphasis on the use of broadband internet as a learning tool. Multiple applications from the same school or school district will be considered, as long as the requests are clearly separated and for different purposes.

Innovation in Schools Grant Details

Public Safety

To assist with the training and educational costs associated with maintaining well-trained and certified law enforcement and fire protection officers, Plateau awards grants to rural communities, municipalities, and public safety departments (whether paid or volunteer) associated with the communities within the Cooperative service area.

Public Safety Grant Details

Nuestros Vecinos

Rural communities are often at a disadvantage in expanding jobs, creating opportunities for new businesses, or retaining existing small business operations. Barriers associated with geographic isolation, low market density, deteriorating infrastructure, and high unemployment rates underscore the need for community development. To better strengthen and develop communities served by the Cooperative, a matching grant program has been established, Nuestros Vecinos—“Our Neighbors” (“the Grant Program”).

Nuestros Vecinos Grant Details

Member Education Grant

The Member Education Grant provides up to $5,000 for education reimbursement to active Cooperative members who have earned a vocational certificate or associate, bachelor or graduate school degree from a regionally accredited institution within 6 months of applying.

Member Education Grant Details

Scholarships & Grants Eligibility

For the purpose of scholarship & grant eligibility, an active Cooperative member is defined as a person, business or organization that purchases retail communication services within the Cooperative's service area. Subscriptions to Plateau services outside these areas do not qualify. Retail communication services generally include landline telephone and/or broadband internet.

Scholarships & Grants Eligibility

Donation Guidelines

As a member-owned cooperative, Plateau takes great pride in supporting community needs throughout our service area. As an investment in the future of the area citizens, this company has historically supported, through financial contributions, those programs and projects that encourage youth, build communities through partnerships and in education.

Employees of Plateau generously give of their time and resources where they live, raise their families, work and play. For over sixty five years, the company has participated in and assisted with community projects, school activities, youth sports, local government and other non-profit group activities. In addition, the Board of Directors recognizes the importance of giving back to the communities, especially for those events or programs that impact the communities served. Thousands of dollars have been allocated for such activities and for student scholarships and economic development efforts throughout the region.

Donation Guidelines
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