Tom M. Phelps Scholarship Program


Among the Education Foundation’s many goals is the desire to improve educational opportunities for the Cooperative’s service area. Since 1993, the Education Foundation has awarded over $1.9 million in scholarships and grants to deserving students.

Those interested may complete this application and mail it to:

Education Foundation Committee,
c/o Plateau,
P.O. Box 1947,
7111 N. Prince St.,
Clovis, New Mexico 88102-1947

For questions, call 575.389.4387 or 1.800.432.2369 ext 4387. All applications must be postmarked no later than February 16, 2024.

2024 Scholarship Amounts and Distribution

2 - $4,000 Tom M. Phelps Scholarships (disbursed over two semesters at $2,000 per semester on condition that the recipient remains a full-time student, completes a full-time schedule each semester and maintains a 2.5 GPA or better each semester).


  1. Are a student who will be classified as a full-time college junior or senior at a regionally accredited vocational school, college or university for the fall 2023 semester.
  2. Are a legal dependent1 of an active Cooperative member2 or active Cooperative member currently receiving retail communication services in one of the Cooperative’s 26 service exchange areas (subscriptions to services outside the Cooperative’s exchange areas do not qualify).
  3. Are a student with a minimum 2.5 GPA or equivalent on a 4.0 scale (an authorized school official must verify the GPA on this application).
  4. Are a student who does not currently receive funding from the Education Foundation (fall 2024 semester).

Decisions of the Education Foundation Scholarship Committee as to eligibility and scholarship award are final.

How to Apply

  1. Complete this application. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are qualified to apply, that the application is complete and legible, with all signatures and supporting information included.
  2. Have an authorized representative of your school complete the section titled “School Certification”.
  3. Obtain and attach exactly two (2) signed letters of recommendation to the application form. The first letter must be from an official (instructor, professor, etc.) of the school you are attending. The second letter should be from any other adult who can attest to your qualifications and abilities.
  4. Include a copy of your most recent transcript from the school you are currently attending.
  5. Provide a complete copy of your current year’s Free Application for Federal Financial Aid Form (FAFSA®).

Incomplete applications, nonqualifying applicants, unmet GPA requirements, etc. and applications containing additional attachments will be removed from consideration and returned to the applicant.

Mail the completed application form with all attachments to:

Education Foundation Committee,
c/o Plateau,
P.O. Box 1947,
7111 N. Prince St.,
Clovis, New Mexico 88102-1947

All applications must be postmarked no later than February 16, 2024.

Scholarship Award Procedures

The scholarship program is very competitive and applications receive careful review by an Education Foundation Scholarship Committee comprised of Board members. The names of the applicants are concealed so the Committee does not have access to anything other than the application data. The Committee is purposely not informed of who the applicants are until all information contained in the form has been judged, rated and assigned an award status.

Scholarship winners will be notified directly after the selection process is completed.

Tom M. Phelps Application

Need help filling out the form? Please watch this video on How to fill out the Tom M. Phelps Application . If you still have questions please contact Plateau at 1.800.432.2369 ext 4387

  1. For the purpose of scholarship eligibility, a dependent is an individual that meets the IRS rules as a qualifying child for tax purposes and is classified as a dependent student on the FAFSA Student Aid Report.
  2. For the purpose of scholarship eligibility, an active Cooperative member is defined as a person, business or organization that purchases retail communication services within the Cooperative’s service area. Retail communication services purchased in the following areas will generally qualify as Cooperative memberships — 279 (House), 355 (Fort Sumner), 357 (Grady), 372 (Weber City), 374 (Clayton), 389 (Pleasant Hill), 421 (El Valle), 422 (White Lakes), 423 (Bingham), 427 (Anton Chico), 456 (Bellview), 458 (Ragland), 472 (Santa Rosa), 481 (Farwell, TX), 485 (Roy), 487 (Logan), 575 (East Glenrio, TX), 576 (San Jon), 584 (Vaughn), 633 (Nara Visa), 641 (Trementina), 673 (Mosquero), 683 (South Clovis), 849 (Corona), 868 (Conchas Dam) or 985 (Ranchvale). Subscriptions to Plateau services outside these areas do not qualify. Retail communication services generally include landline telephone and/or broadband internet.

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