TV Shutdown

Due to dramatic programming price increases, Plateau will be shutting down its TV offerings on July 1st, 2022.

When Plateau began offering TV service eight years ago, we did so to provide another option in TV entertainment and to expose customers to the power of our fiber internet service. Since then, Plateau has strived to provide TV service at a reasonable price to our customers; however, dramatic programming price increases, have been detrimental to that endeavor. Therefore, Plateau has made the decision to turn down its TV offerings on July 1st, 2022. For a list of other TV streaming service options with local channels, please see the 'Other TV Service Providers' section below.

Customers Next Steps

  1. Select your new TV/Streaming service. As stated in the letter you received, several streaming options are available that also include local channels, along with traditional TV offerings from DirecTV, Dish Network, or a local cable provider. Please note: Since you have Plateau Fiber as your internet service, you only need TV service from another provider.
  2. Make arrangements for your new TV/Streaming service. Once you’ve chosen an option based on your viewing needs, schedule your installation for your replacement TV/Streaming service. Other TV Service Providers
  3. Call Plateau to disconnect Plateau TV service. Call into customer care at 1.877.752.8328 to cancel your Plateau TV service prior to the shut down date. If you plan on using our TV service until the shutdown date on July 1, 2022, you may continue to do so at your same monthly rate.
  4. Discard set top boxes and remotes. If you have Plateau provided set top boxes and remotes, you may dispose of them yourself or you may drop them off at the nearest Plateau store and we will dispose of them for you.


Yes, you may continue using the TV service at the same monthly rate until the shutdown date.

If you have found a new TV/Streaming service provider and do not wish to continue using our TV services prior to the shutdown date, you must call customer care at 1.877.752.8328 to cancel. Otherwise, your TV subscription will work until the TV shutdown on July 1, 2022 and you will continue to be billed until that date.

Our fiber internet offerings will remain the same and your internet service will not be affected by the TV shutdown.

If your email is on file and you continue using Plateau TV/Stream until the shutdown date, we will send you a reminder email one month prior to shut down.

You may dispose of these devices yourself or you may drop them off at the nearest Plateau store and we will dispose of them for you.

Most streaming services were built to support leading industry standards and should work with most smart devices you have today.

No, the Plateau Stream box was only built to support the Plateau Stream app and is not supported by other streaming apps.

As of now, we do not expect to release a TV/Streaming option any time soon for our customers. Over the top streaming has becoming one of the biggest sources for video entertainment and Plateau will continue supporting this with our focus on fiber internet access and your network connection.

Question not included above? Please call our customer care at 1.877.752.8328 for more information.

Other TV Service Providers

  1. Download the YouTube TV app.
  2. Sign in with your Google Account.
  3. You’ll be asked to share your home zip code. We may also ask you to confirm your location via your device location permissions. Doing so will make sure you get access to the correct local networks. If your home zip code appears incorrectly, select I don't live here and enter your home zip code.
  4. Review the networks included in your YouTube TV Base Plan. You’ll also see the price of your membership.
  5. Select Next to proceed to the next step.
  6. Add any premium networks to your Base Plan by tapping the circle next to a network.
  7. Select Next when you're satisfied with your selections.
  8. Confirm the credit card you'd like to use to pay for your membership.
  9. Select Buy to complete the sign-up process.

New YouTube TV subscribers are eligible to sign up to try YouTube TV for free. With a free trial, you get access to over 85 channels offered in the Base Plan for the length of your trial period. You can also sign up to try extra networks, like HBO Max, before adding these to your YouTube TV membership.

For more information about YouTube TV, go to

  1. Visit on a web browser
  2. Click on Start Your Free Trial
  3. Select a plan: Hulu (ad-supported), Hulu (No Ads), Hulu + Live TV now with Disney+ and ESPN+*, or the Disney Bundle
  4. Enter your email address, password, and personal information
  5. Choose your payment option and add your billing information
  6. Click Submit to complete the signup process and begin your onboarding, where you’ll get the chance to personalize your recommendations before you start streaming

For more information about Hulu, go to

  1. Go to DIRECTV STREAM and select Shop Now.
  2. Enter your ZIP code to check availability.
  3. Choose your package and select Add to cart.
  4. Choose any optional premium channels you want.
  5. Select your Cloud DVR and optional streaming devices.
  6. Select Review Cart and Checkout.
  7. Enter your account info, and create a user ID – or use your existing ID.
  8. Review and accept Terms of service.
  9. Choose a payment method. Then Submit order to finish up.

For more information about DirecTV Stream, go to

  1. Go to
  2. If your ZIP Code isn't automatically detected, enter it.
  3. Enter your email address and choose a strong password. (We recommend using a password manager.)
  4. Alternatively, sign up using your Facebook or Google account credentials. Click "Go to next step."
  5. Choose whether you want the basic FuboTV service or FuboTV Extra, which has more channels. Click "Go to next step."
  6. Choose whether you want any of the add-on features, such as extra DVR storage, family sharing or sports extras. Click "Go to final step."
  7. Enter your credit card information.
  8. Click "Start watching FuboTV."

For more information, go to

Streaming Device Platforms

Wanting to choose a streaming app but don't have a smart TV? No worries! Choose from one of the following streaming devices to transform your normal TV into a smart TV. This will allow you to download TV or streaming apps and watch your favorite movies/shows/channels over the internet through your new TV service provider.

Question not included above? Please call our customer care at 1.877.752.8328 for more information.

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