Innovation in Schools Grant Program

Plateau offers opportunities for schools and school staff within its Cooperative service area to obtain financial support to improve teaching and learning activities. School districts, schools, departments within schools, teacher groups or individual teachers can request a grant for a maximum of $5,000 to foster innovation in teaching with a special emphasis on the use of broadband internet as a learning tool. Multiple applications from the same school or school district will be considered, as long as the requests are clearly separated and for different purposes.

Innovation in Schools Education Grant Requirements

  1. Awards are limited to schools which are located within theCooperative service area.(Click here to check eligibility).
    Note: The purchase of retail communication services outside theCooperativeservice area does not qualify.
  2. The grant awards shall not exceed $5,000 per application, and funds must be spent for thepurposes identified on the application. Substitution of other expenditures which aredifferentfrom the application is permitted only with written approval from the Board ofDirectors.
  3. Schools within the Cooperative service area may utilize the education grant for costs ofmaterials, consulting fees, equipment, travel or other approved purchases which willenhance the ability to improve teaching and learning activities.
  4. Applications for grant funds must be authorized by a bona-fide school district oradministrative entity.
    Note: Individuals administering the funds must not derive direct, personal benefit from theaward.
  5. A completed application form detailing the planned use of the grant funds must be submitted for review and approval to the Education Committee of the Board of Directors. Final approval will be madeby theentire Board of Directors.
  6. Expenditures for items detailed on the application must be completed within 12 monthsfrom the date of the award. Receipts for the actual expenditures shall be submitted toPlateau.Failure to submit proper documentation of expenditures may result in future denialof requests.
  7. Requests for grant funds in amounts up to $5,000 may be submitted during the course ofthe calendar year (January 1- December 31) or until such time the fund is depleted.
  8. Multiple grant requests from the same entity that are uniquely different and independentfrom one another may be considered for separate funding, at the discretion of the Board ofDirectors’ Education Committee, as long as it is within the guidelines described above.
Innovation Grant Application
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