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Service Area Information

Service Area Eligibility

For the purpose of scholarship & grant eligibility, an active Cooperative member is defined as a person, business or organization that purchases retail communication services within the Cooperative's service area.

Retail communication services purchased in the following areas will generally qualify as Cooperative memberships:

Scholarship and grants qualifying phone number prefixes
279 (House) 422 (White Lakes) 485 (Roy) 673 (Mosquero)
355 (Fort Sumner) 423 (Bingham) 487 (Logan) 683 (South Clovis)
357 (Grady) 427 (Anton Chico) 575 (East Glenrio) 849 (Corona)
372 (Weber City) 456 (Bellview) 576 (San Jon) 868 (Conchas Dam)
374 (Clayton) 458 (Ragland) 584 (Vaughn) 985 (Ranchvale)
389 (Pleasant Hill) 472 (Santa Rosa) 641 (Trementina)
421 (El Valle) 481 (Farwell, TX) 633 (Nara Visa)

Subscriptions to Plateau services outside these areas do not qualify. Retail communication services generally include landline telephone and/or broadband internet.

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