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Over 24 years of positive leadership

Our Legacy

Since 1993, the Education Foundation scholarship program has helped dreams come true for more than 518 outstanding students and continues each year. The program’s initiative is to provide higher education financial support to well qualified high school seniors across the Plateau service area. Through competitive application, each student is selected by a committee comprised of members of the Board of Directors. Funds are derived from unclaimed or donated capital credits.


Number of Scholarships Awarded


Number of Students Helped


Total Amount of Funds Awarded

Our Scholarships

Committed to Excellence Scholarship

  1. Applicants must demonstrate academic/technical promise and motivation to succeed in a higher education or vocational school setting. Graduating high school seniors with a 19 ACT/1350 SAT will be considered for this scholarship. Returning college students who have not enrolled for at least the past two consecutive semesters with a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher will be considered for this scholarship.
  2. If awarded, the applicant must use the scholarship to attend a regionally accredited vocational school, college or university. Proof of enrollment will be required, and the award will be paid directly to the school on the recipient’s behalf.
  3. “Returning” college students must not have been enrolled for at least the past two consecutive semesters, and must not have been suspended or on probation for academic or disciplinary reasons.
  4. The applicant must be a legal dependent1 of a current Plateau employee, or of an active Cooperative member2 who is currently receiving landline telephone service in one of the Cooperative’s 26 service exchange areas. Cooperative Service Exchange Eligibility NOTE: Internet service or landline service outside the listed Cooperative exchange areas does not qualify.)
  5. The applicant must have exactly two (2) letters of recommendation accompanying the application form. One of the letters must be from an attending high school or higher education institution representative. The other letter may be from any other adult who can attest to the applicant’s qualifications and potential abilities as a student. Both letters must be originally signed and if applicable, on official letterhead.
  6. The applicant must have completed a Free Application for Student Federal Financial Aid (FASFA) and have a current year Estimate Family Contribution (EFC) of no more than 10,000 (12,500 for dependents of Plateau employees). This award is based on financial need.
  7. Eligible applications must be addressed to the Plateau address listed on the application and post-marked no later than May 1st.

1For the purpose of scholarship eligibility, a dependent is a child that meets the IRS rules as a qualifying child for tax benefits.
2For the purpose of scholarship eligibility, a cooperative member is defined by the Bylaws of the Cooperative.

Committed to Excellence Scholarship Application

2018 FRS Scholarship

  • Be a graduating high school senior.
  • Be a United States citizen.
  • Be a dependent of an active Cooperative member who is currently receiving landline telephone service from Plateau in one of the Cooperative’s 26 service exchange areas (see application for complete details). (Subscriptions to services other than landline telephone provided by Plateau do not qualify. Landline service outside the Cooperative’s exchange area does not qualify.)
  • Be accepted by an accredited two- or four-year college, university or vocational-technical school.
  • Have at least a “C” grade point average (GPA).
  • Express an interest to return to a rural community following graduation.
FRS Scholarship Application

2018 Educational Foundation Scholarship

Education Foundation Committee;
c/o Plateau,
P.O. Box 1947,
7111 N. Prince,
Clovis, N.M. 88102-1947.
For questions, call 1.575.389.4241 or 1.800.432.2369 ext. 4241.
EFS Application

Tom M. Phelps Scholarship

Tom M. Phelps Scholarship Application

Our Grants

Innovation in Schools Grant Program

Innovation in Schools Grant Application

Public Safety Education Grants

Public Safety Education Grant Application

Nuestros Vecinos "Our Neighbors" Matching Grant Program

Matching Grant Categories

  • Economic Development and Business Assistance - Support for communities in their efforts to create new jobs, and to provide incentives for prospective or newly developing industries or to meet business/industry requirements for employment, especially those that are newly locating to the Cooperative service area. (maximum grant amount - $10,000)
  • Economic Development Fund - To support and fund non-profit economic development organizations in the Cooperative service area for the purposes of creating jobs and economic sustainability. (Organizations such as economic development corporations established in the communities to assist in creating jobs for the region.) (maximum grant amount - $5,000)
  • Disaster and Emergency Assistance - A fund established to support locally or regionally declared disaster recovery efforts due to storms, fires, floods or other unanticipated causes. (maximum grant amount - $5,000)
  • Community Sponsorships* - Support for those services, activities, events, recreational or any other projects that are endorsed or sponsored by a fully sanctioned body such as a municipality, county, local government, Chamber of Commerce or Economic Development Organization that contributes to the economic viability, health or safety, or general well-being of those residing within the Cooperative service area, including any major events that would assist in the increase in gross receipts tax for that community. (maximum grant amount - $5,000)

*Applications will only be considered if funds are available from the Grant Program. The committee will then recommend grant requests based on availability of funds to the Board of Directors. The Board may also impose specific repayment provisions that would require repayment of all or a portion of the awarded grant in the event that grant recipient ceases operations within a specified period of time

Eligibility Requirements

  • Projects for which matching funds are to be used must be located in the Cooperative or Plateau Telecommunications service areas. Grant recipients in the Cooperative service area must have Cooperative local telephone service or commit to obtaining service prior to payment of any grant funds and service must be maintained for a minimum period of 12 months. Grants awarded to entities located outside Cooperative service areas, but within Plateau Telecommunications service areas, will be in the form of credit for telecommunications products/services provided by Plateau Telecommunications.
  • Applications requesting matching funds must be endorsed by a local governmental entity, a group, or individuals who have a bona fide interest in economic or community development. Examples would be a chamber of commerce or economic development organization. Individuals participating in the project must not derive direct, personal benefit from an award of funds.
  • A completed application form and business plan detailing the intended use of the matching funds must be submitted for review and approval by the Board of Directors or its designees.
  • In the case of an Economic Development and Business Assistance grant request, before an application can be deemed complete, the recipient organization must also provide a detailed three year business plan (including projected financial results) and satisfactory proof that qualifying capital (qualifying capital is defined as a combination of cash, property and inventory equal to the amount of the requested grant) is available for the Grant Program to match. The nature of this accounting can vary, but may include bank statements, audit reports, property appraisal reports and copy of property ownership deed or receipt of funds from other grants. To be eligible for the maximum grant amount ($10,000), the proposed project business plan must include documentation that a minimum of two (2) full time equivalent (FTE) jobs (40 hours per week) will be created within 12 months of the grant award date. (Note: Failure to achieve the number of new jobs specified within 12 months will obligate the grant recipient to reimburse the Cooperative up to 50 percent of the grant amount received.)
  • Grant recipients have the responsibility of accounting for the eligibility of all matching funds utilized, and their records are subject to audit upon request. Failure to comply could result in action to allow the Grant Program to recover previously granted funds. Final receipts supporting the intended use and consumption of funds must be filed with the Grant Program within one year (12 months) of receipt of grant funds. No loans will be made by the program.
  • Awards of matching funds can be made during the course of the fiscal year (January 1- December 31) or until which time the fund is depleted. At the discretion of the Board of Directors, the grant award may be paid out over a series of months. The intent of the matching funds program is to broadly distribute available funding to those applicants residing throughout the Cooperative service area. Projects that are uniquely different and independent from one another may be considered for separate funding. However, in the case of Economic Development and Business Assistance and Community Sponsorship grants, no single entity may receive more than the maximum grant amount ($10,000) annually. In addition, any entity receiving an Economic Development and Business Assistance grant shall not be eligible to receive another such grant for a period of two years (24 months). Any grant awarded must be expended in accordance with the request, or as modified in the grant. If any monies are not spent as requested or as granted, such money shall be returned to the Grant Program.
  • After one year (12 months) unused, remaining, or uncommitted matched funds shall revert back to the Grant Program in accordance with the Grant Program repayment agreement.
  • Any existing or proposed business that generates more than 25 percent of its annual revenues through the sale of alcohol, tobacco or other sources of revenue deemed objectionable by the Board of Directors, shall not be eligible to receive a grant.
Nuestros Vecinos — “Our Neighbors” (“Matching Grant Program”)
Attn: Launa Waller
P.O. Box 1947
Clovis, NM 88102
Nuestros Vecinos Grant Application

Member Education Grant

  1. Applicant must have earned a vocational certificate or associate, bachelor or graduate school degree from a regionally accredited institution within 6 months of applying. Proof of certification or diploma are required.
  2. Applicant must provide proof of payment to a regionally accredited institution for tuition, books and/or class fees. Award amounts will be based on proof of receipt for applicant’s payments made for actual expenses.
  3. Grants will not be awarded to dependents of Cooperative members. Applicant must be an active Cooperative member1 who is currently receiving landline telephone service in one of the Cooperative’s 26 service exchange areas. (Click here to view Cooperative Service Exchanges to check eligibility)

    NOTE: Internet service or landline service outside the listed Cooperative exchange areas does not qualify.)

  4. Questions may be directed to lwaller@plateautel.com Eligible applications must be addressed as follows and will be accepted on a first come first reviewed basis until a total of four awards are approved in a 12 month calendar year:
    Plateau Education Foundation
    Member Education Grant
    Post Office Box 1947
    Clovis, NM 88102-1947
Member Education Grant Application

Scholarships & Grants Eligibility

Service Area Eligibility

For the purposes of scholarships & grants eligibility, a Cooperative member is defined as a person, business or organization that receives landline telephone service from a Central Office located within the Cooperative’s service area. Phone numbers beginning with these prefixes will generally qualify as Cooperative memberships.

Eligibility Information

Donation Guidelines

As a member-owned cooperative, Plateau takes great pride in supporting community needs throughout our service area. As an investment in the future of the area citizens, this company has historically supported, through financial contributions, those programs and projects that encourage youth, build communities through partnerships and in education.

Employees of Plateau generously give of their time and resources where they live, raise their families, work and play. For over sixty five years, the company has participated in and assisted with community projects, school activities, youth sports, local government and other nonprofit group activities. In addition, the Board of Directors recognizes the importance of giving back to the communities, especially for those events or programs that impact the communities served. Thousands of dollars have been allocated for such activities and for student scholarships and economic development efforts throughout the region.

Donation Guidelines

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